The Kings Arms

The Kings Arms in Cartmel, situated in the picturesque setting of The Square, has a long and fascinating history that embodies the essence of a traditional English public house.

Nestled in the historic village of Cartmel, in the scenic county of Cumbria, this pub has served as a central gathering place for locals and travelers alike for centuries.

Origins & Architecture

The exact origins of The Kings Arms are somewhat nebulous, as is often the case with ancient establishments, but it is believed to date back to the early 18th century. During this period, public houses were vital centers of community life, offering not just food and drink but also serving as venues for meetings, market activities, and even court sessions.

The architecture of The Kings Arms reflects the typical style of the time, with stone walls and traditional slate roofing, designed to withstand the often harsh Cumbrian weather. Over the years, the building has been carefully maintained and sensitively modernized, ensuring that it retains its historic charm while providing contemporary comforts to its patrons.

The History...

Our building dates back over 300 years, and whilst retaining its characterful features, we have introduced modern convenience for our staying guests, and those visiting our gastro pub.

Throughout the 19th century, The Kings Arms witnessed the transformation of Cartmel and the surrounding areas, as the advent of the railways and the increase in British tourism brought new visitors to the region. These changes brought about a shift in the pub’s clientele and its role in the community, as it began catering more to visitors looking to experience the rustic charm and natural beauty of the Lake District.

The 20th century brought its own challenges and changes. The two World Wars saw men from Cartmel and nearby areas, including patrons and staff of The Kings Arms, participate in the conflicts, impacting the community deeply. The post-war periods were times of adjustment and recovery, and The Kings Arms played its part in helping to maintain community spirit.